Next generation of Crypto Mining

Current version: BETA 1.4.5


Merlin Miner is currently a closed BETA until the release of MINING MONEY in early 2018. You can register for the closed beta here. If you're accepted, you're able to download Merlin Miner and start enjoying the advantages of crypto mining.

Once the software has downloaded you will need to enter your login credentials which we would have have emailed you after filling out the Beta Application Form. Happy mining!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Detailed features


Gaming Mode

Keep gaming at the same time as mining with NO lag!

Paypal & Crypto

Payments available on PayPal (USD, EUR, GBP) and cryptocurrencies (BTC, DGB).


Balance Statistics System available for USD, GBP and EUR.


5 languages provided (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian & Portuguese).

Speed Bonus

The more time spent mining, the more income that is generated as a result!


Manage + Multiply your balance on the go with our APP!


  1. Stable Internet connection
  2. AMD/Nvidia GPU

Please take into consideration te following steps:

  1. Install pthreads: type the lines below to install pthreads
  2. Install libpdcurses and pdcurses
  3. Copy the folders in \Program Files (x86)\AMD APP\include to \MinGW\include
  4. Copy \Program Files (x86)\AMD APP\lib\x86\libOpenCL.a to \MinGW\lib
  5. *RECOMMENDED* Create shortcut of Merlin Miner on Desktop

Note: If you encounter any issues, please contact support.